St.Louis Suburban Public

High School Athletic and








Player of the year: P/SS MVP Tavian Willis, jr., McCluer South-Berkeley

Coach of the year: John Bass, University City


P Henry Giles, fr., University City

P Tavian Willis, jr., McCluer South-Berkeley

P Zyon Hatter, sr., Jennings

C Travis Henry, sr., McCluer South-Berkeley

1B Terry Copeland, so., University City

2B Torreon Smith, so., McCluer South-Berkeley

3B Thomas Looby, so., University City

SS Tavian Willis, jr., McCluer South-Berkeley

OF Kameron Jordan, jr., University City

OF Deonta Watson-Gray, sr., McCluer South-Berkeley

OF Carl Coleman, sr., Jennings

UT Jake Giles, jr., University City

DH Clayton Miller, jr., University City


C Dante Brown, jr., University City

1B Duane Patterson, jr., McCluer South-Berkeley

2B Wendell Malone, jr., Jennings

3B Dorein McCurtis, so., McCluer South-Berkeley

SS Henry Giles, fr., University City

OF Terry Davis, sr., McCluer South-Berkeley

OF Richard Bostic, sr., University City

Division Champion: McCluer South-Berkeley


1ST TEAM                                               

POSITION                  NAME                                SCHOOL                           YEAR

PITCHER:                  Max Hunter                         Clayton                                  Sr.

                                    Brad Cohen                         Parkway Central                    Sr.                                              

                                    Ty Buckner                         Ladue                                      Sr..

CATCHER:                 Carter Spradling                 Parkway Central                     Sr.

1ST:                             John Beirne                        Ladue                                      Jr                                                 

2ND:                                  Daniel Loaney                   Parkway West                         Jr.        

3RD:                                    Bryant Thompson              Clayton                                   Sr                                                                 

SS:                               Scott Meier                        Parkway West                         Sr.                                                                                                       

OUTFIELD:               Max Hunter                         Clayton                                  Sr.                                                        

                                    Jack Swiney                        Parkway West                         Jr.

                                    Mark Sanders                     Parkway West                         Jr.

DH:                             Casey McCracken              Ladue                                     Sr.

UTILITY:                    Dylan Lanz                        Affton                                     Jr.

                                     Jackson Taylor                  Ladue                                      Jr.                                                                                                                                                                   

PLAYER OF THE YEAR:    Ty Buckner           Ladue                                      Sr.                                           

COACH OF THE YEAR:     Craig Sucher         Clayton                                             



POSITION                  NAME                                SCHOOL                           YEAR

PITCHER:                  Alex Leary                           Ladue                                   So.

                                    Matt Perego                         Parkway West                       Sr.       

                                    Max Weilmuenster              Clayton                                 Sr.

CATCHER:                 Ben Sheinbein                     Ladue                                   Sr.                                                                                                                               

1ST:                             Matt Perego                         Parkway West                      Sr.

2ND:                                  Ty Buckner                          Ladue                                   Sr.

3RD:                                    Mark Mueller                      Parkway West                       Jr.                                                                                                                                                                                     

SS:                               James Beirne                        Ladue                                   Jr.                                                                                           

OUTFIELD:                Drew Phelan                        Clayton                                Sr.

                                     Cameron Stern                    Ladue                                   So.

                                    Trevor Abney                       Parkway West                       Jr.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              DH                              Brad Tucker                         Affton                                    Jr.

UTILITY:                   Luke Trail                             Parkway Central                   Sr.

                                    Anthony Klein                     Parkway Central                    Fr.   

Division Champion: Ladue                                                                           








Player of the year: P/IF Dimitri Frank, sr., Hazelwood Central

Coach of the year: Tracy Schmidt, Hazelwood Central


P Amexem Hamm, sr., McCluer North

P Christian Shelton, sr., Hazelwood West

C Jarame Crawford, sr., Hazelwood Central

IF Kyle O’Brien, sr., McCluer North

IF Dexter Swims, jr., McCluer North

IF Chezzy Williams, sr., Hazelwood Central

IF Tommy Woods, jr., McCluer North

OF Anthony Douglas, jr., Hazelwood Central

OF Willie Halliburton, sr., McCluer North

OF Justin Woods, sr., Hazelwood West

DH Tyler Hatfield, sr., Hazelwood West

UT Dominic Matteoni, jr., Hazelwood Central

UT Cole Simington, sr., Hazelwood West


P Kyle O’Brien, sr., McCluer North

P Davin Simmons, sr., Hazelwood Central

P Gabe Wilburn, jr., McCluer

C Jacob Crayne, jr., McCluer North

IF Devin Matteoni, jr., Hazelwood Central

IF Teron Parks, sr., Hazelwood West

IF Blake Vaughn, sr., Hazelwood West

IF Gabe Wilburn, jr., McCluer

IF Ricardo Young, so., Hazelwood East

OF Radford Beasley, jr., McCluer North

OF Jordan Grimmett, sr., Hazelwood Central

OF Josh Inman, jr., Hazelwood West

DH Paul Wilson, jr., McCluer North

UT Jajuan Foster, jr., Riverview Gardens

Division Champions: Hazelwood Central




Player of the year: C Coltyn Kessler, sr., Summit

Coaches of the year:

Jason Schneider, Summit

Mark Reeder, Parkway North

Scott Weissman, Kirkwood


P Jack Adams, jr., Kirkwood

P Cameron Prayer, jr., Parkway North

P Jackson Rutledge, sr., Summit

1B Max Spitzmiller, sr., Pattonville

2B Tim Miles, sr., Webster Groves

3B Josh White, sr., Pattonville

SS Jaxon Passino, sr., Summit

OF Jacob Abell, jr., Parkway North

OF Conor Dryer, sr., Summit

OF Andrew Jones, sr., Parkway North

DH Cameron Paul, jr., Parkway North

UT Cameron Prayer, jr., Parkway North


P Connor Gilles, sr., Summit

P Jaxon Passino, sr., Summit

P Preston Salazar, so., Kirkwood

C John Doria, jr., Webster Groves

1B Tyler Nord, sr., Parkway North

2B Joe Connelly, sr., Kirkwood

3B Nick Williams, jr., Kirkwood

SS Will Sprick, sr., Webster Groves

OF Jimmy Boswell, jr., Pattonville

OF Jacob Burlison, sr., Summit

OF John McHugh, sr., Webster Groves

DH Kyle Burgess, so., Ritenour

UT Blake Cisneros, jr., Summit

Division Champion: Kirkwood - Summit - Parkway North


Player of the year: C Wade Stauss, sr., Lafayette

Coach of the year: John Meyer, Marquette



P Brendan Briggs, sr., Seckman

P Louis Candelario, sr., Parkway South

P Blake Hutchison, sr., Lindbergh

P Andrew Leise, sr., Oakville

P Ryan O’Connell, sr., Lafayette

P Michael Pope, sr., Oakville

P Ryan Potthoff, sr., Marquette

C Tony Rask, sr., Oakville

IF Alex Adams, sr., Lafayette

IF Jackson Bartholomew, sr., Lafayette

IF Sam McClure, sr., Lafaytette

IF Roland Ounanian, sr., Lindbergh

IF Dustin Reese, jr., Northwest

IF Josh Shoemaker, sr., Fox

OF Caleb Hill, sr., Fox

OF Mason Jung, sr., Eureka

OF Ben Kuehn, sr., Marquette

OF Drew Maloney, jr., Seckman

OF Dylan Mooney, jr., Oakville

OF Bennett Shocklee, sr., Parkway South

DH/UT Daulton Sweeten, sr., Lafayette



P Carter Dafoe, jr., Marquette

P Sam Grace, jr., Marquette

P Brandon Hill, sr., Fox

P Jackson Keller, sr., Parkway South

P Devin Konieczny, sr., Northwest

P Jack Riney, sr., Lafayette

P John Smalley, sr., Marquette

P Evan Spears, sr., Eureka

P Matt thorsten, sr., Oakville

C Matt Bitter, jr., Fox

C Shawn Smith, sr., Seckman

IF Jimmy Clark, sr., Northwest

IF Mikey Klotz, sr., Oakville

IF Andrew Lucas, sr., Lafayette

IF Mason Mitchell, sr., Marquette

IF Jacob Reed, sr., Oakville

IF Jacob Reinkemeyer, sr., Eureka

OF Jon Halstead, sr., Lindbergh

OF Jaren Hollis, jr., Northwest

OF Andre Roberts, jr., Lafayette

OF Tommy Williams, jr., Lafayette

DH/UT Caleb Camacho, jr., Northwest

DH/UT Niko Porcelli, jr., Marquette

Conference Champion: Marquette





Affton, Clayton, Eureka, Fox, Hazelwood Central, Hazelwood East, Hazelwood West, Jennings, Kirkwood, Ladue, Lafayette, Lindbergh,

Marquette, McCluer, McCluer North, McCluer South Berkeley, Mehlville, Normandy, Northwest, Oakville,

Parkway Central, Parkway North, Parkway South, Parkway West, Pattonville, Ritenour, Riverview, Rockwood Summit, Seckman, University City, Webster Groves