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                                                          Congratulation to Eureka for their State Championship

                                                     Congratulations to Lafayette for their 2nd Place finish at State                             

                                        Girls Volleyball  All - Conference Teams  2018

Green Pool

Player of the year: OH Taylor Beaven, so., Seckman

Coach of the year: Paula Baechle, Seckman


OPP Samantha Schuler, so., Pattonville

OH Helen Nelson, sr., Pattonville

S Megan Reese, sr., Pattonville

S/RS Cassidy Bloethner, so., Fox

MH/DS Vita Power, sr., Affton

MH/OH Makayla Hollyfield, jr., Ritenour

S Madi Robinson, jr., Seckman

MH Abby Patterson, jr., Hazelwood West


OH Sidney Bailey, sr., Hazelwood Central

OH/L Sara Taylor, fr., Clayton

S Grace Ver Mehren, sr., Hazelwood West

L Lauren Brown, jr., Fox

L Rachael Busse, sr., Affton

OH Coralis Bobe, sr., Ritenour

OH Holly Withington, N/A, Hazelwood West

S/RS Jada Wiley, so., Hazelwood Central

Sportsmanship Awards

Affton, Kailey Kloeppel

Clayton, Lexie Smith-Gomes

Fox, Cassidy Bloethner

Hazelwood Central, Sidney Bailey

McCluer North, Brianna Brown

Hazelwood West, Deyana Simpson,

Pattonville, Lacey Swanson

Ritenour, Natasha Taylor

Seckman, Taylor Beaven,

Conference Champions:  Seckman


Red Pool 

Player of the year: OH Megan Fortner, sr., Northwest

Coach of the year: Debra Fortner, Northwest


RS Jordan Iliff, so., Mehlville

OH Rachel Ernst, sr., Summit

MB/S Kalli Smith, sr., Ladue

OH Macy Davis, sr., Northwest

S Julia Kump, jr., Oakville

MH Angela Elguezabal, jr., Oakville

L Alexis Williams, jr., Oakville

OH Lana Christiani, jr., Parkway Central

MH Carly Glaser, sr., Mehlville


S Emma Kiene, sr., Mehlville

L Taylor Hasbrook, jr., Northwest

MH Maja Barringer, sr., Northwest

S Abby VanBuskirk, so., Summit

MB Emily Condra, sr., Summit

OH Julia Brooks, sr., Parkway North

S/RS Morgan Sprague, so., Parkway South

OH Lille Carlson, sr., Mehlville

Conference Champions:  Northwest


Yellow Pool


OH Staciana Stock, sr., Lafayette

MB Allison Beaton, jr., Lafayette

S Kenzie Meador, sr., Marquette

MB Regan Inglis, sr., Eureka

S Avery Crowder, jr., Eureka

L Natalie Lenoard, sr., Lafayette

OH Colleen Flynn, sr., Marquette

MB Rebecca Reinecke, sr., Parkway West


L Andrea Zeiser, sr., Eureka

L Caitlin Kuehn, sr., Marquette

OH Megan Eickhoff, sr., Webster Groves

OH Tory Penick, sr., Eureka

S Shannon McLain, jr., Lafayette

OH Tess Allgeyer, sr., Parkway West

S Hannah Sondag, sr., Webster Groves

Conference Champions: Lafayette


Blue Pool

Player of the year: ShiAnn Johnson, sr., Jennings

Coach of the year: Zach Giljum Jennings


S Aaliyah Scott, jr., Jennings

S Daija Owens, sr., Normandy

L Toni Marie Young, jr., Riverview Gardens

OH Falon Ensley, sr., McCluer

MH J’La Rozelle, sr., Hazelwood East

S Jade Coleman, sr., McCluer South-Berkeley

OH Rowan Hoel, sr., University City


OH Jaleah Carrawell, jr., Jennings

MH Chelby Melvin, so., McCluer

OH Sidney Martin, so., Hazelwood East

OH Niyah Moore, jr., McCluer South-Berkeley

OH Mya Van Steenlandt, sr., University City

MH Jayla Morton, so., Normandy

MH Keriah Williams, sr., Riverview Gardens


Jennings: Shawanda Martin,  MH -  Senior 

MSB: Antoinette Neal,  OH - Senior

McCluer: Falon Ensley,  OH -  Senior 

Normandy: Barbara Echols,  MH - Junior

University City: Angela Smith,  OH - Senior

Hazelwood East: Breana Lee,  MH - Senior

Riverview Gardens: Sharina Fowler,  S - Sophomore

Conference Champions: Jennings




Affton, Clayton, Eureka, Fox, Hazelwood Central, Hazelwood East, Hazelwood West, Jennings, Kirkwood, Ladue, Lafayette, Lindbergh,

Marquette, McCluer, McCluer North, McCluer South Berkeley, Mehlville, Normandy, Northwest, Oakville,

Parkway Central, Parkway North, Parkway South, Parkway West, Pattonville, Ritenour, Riverview, Rockwood Summit, Seckman, University City, Webster Groves